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Ingredients guide : What is in our food ?

Welcome to the ingredient guide and food glossary of With this guide we would like to list all ingredients used in foods, to state their use and/or origin as well as the suitability for certain allergies, intolerances or religious groups. Whenever there is additional information available of Food-Info the appropriate link will be provided.

Not only ingredients will be listed on this list, but also other components that may be naturally present in foods, as well as general words that can be found on a food product label.

This list was started on February 28, 2008 and will be continuously updated. If you miss an ingredient or component in this list, please let us know and we will add the list.

For the E-numbers (additives) see the E-number section of the site (see menu above). All the E-numbers are listed in the tables below with their chemical/common name, but not listed under their E-number.

Whenever known we will add suitability of the ingredient for the most common allergies, intolerances or similar (nutritional) disorders. These data are an indication of use only, it is always possible that individual people react differently !
Whenever in doubt, always consult your doctor or a skilled dietician !

Select the letter of the ingredient/compound that you are looking for:
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Ingredient/Component Description Suitability (indication)
Bees wax See the E-number list: E901  
Beetroot extract See the E-number list: E162  
Bell pepper (Paprika) extract See the E-number list: E160c  
Bentonite See the E-number list: E558  
Benzoic acid See the E-number list: E210  
Benzoylperoxide See the E-number list: 928  
Benzylated hydrocarbons See the E-number list: 1501  
Beta-apo-8'-carotenal See the E-number list: E160e  
Biphenyl See the E-number list: E230  
Bleached starch A modified starch and thickening agent, see1403  
Boric acid See the E-number list: E284  
Bread enhancer
A bread enhancer is a compound that enhances the structure, baking qualities or final quality of bread. A wide range of coumpunds are used, such as vitamin C, many types of fats and salts. Some prevent staling of bread, others improve the crumb structure. As it is a class of additives, the individual products should be labelled by name and/or E-number.

Brilliant black BN An artificial black colour, see E151  
Brilliant Blue FCF An artificial blue colour, see E133  
Brown FK An artificial brown colour, seeE154  
Brown HT An artificial brown colour, seeE155  
Butane, isobutane See the E-number list: E943  
Butane-1,3-diol See the E-number list: 1502  
Butylated hydroxyanisole See the E-number list: E320  
Butylated hydroxytoluene See the E-number list: E321  
Butylhydroxinon See the E-number list: 319 is an initiative of Stichting Food-Info, The Netherlands

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