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  • What is the Body Mass Index ?
  • Which foods are high in LDL or HDL cholesterol ?
  • Does choline have any effect on cholesterol?
  • Does fish oil contain cholesterol ?
  • Which foods contain choline?
  • What is the difference between calories and kilocalories?
  • What is the glycemic index, and how can I use it to control my diabetic diet?
  • What foods are good for arthritis?
  • Do we need more vitamins and minerals?
  • When would a purine-restricted diet be indicated?
  • What is a Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA)?
  • If I have a high level of cholesterol, can I eat shrimp, crabs, and other types of fish?
  • What is serotonin, and in which foods does it occur?
  • Which is better for your cholesterol, butter or margarine?
  • What foods contain iron?
  • Do some people need more iron than others?

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