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Wageningen City of Food

Wageningen (the Netherlands, 40.000 inhabitants, 8000 students)  is one of the leading areas for Food Technology and Nutrition in the world. Besides the many groups within Wageningen University working on Food Science and Nutrition, there are also numerous companies and research institutes in Wageningen.

Wageningen University is listed as the number 2 in the world in the field of Food Science and Nutrition (source : ) and as first in Europe. The ISI Web of Science ( ) lists Wageningen University as third research institute in the world, but as second university after Cornell University (US).

The following organisations in and around Wageningen deal with Food Science and Technology:

Wageningen University Study Programmes in Food Science or related
All MSc programmes are taught completely in English !

Wageningen University Departments

Graduate (PhD) School VLAG

Total number of staff in Food Science departments:

Full professors : 22
Associate and Assistant professors : approx. 60
PhD fellows : approx 75
Technical staff : approx. 30

Research Institutes in or near Wageningen

Other Food Related Organisations based  in Wageningen

  • EFFoST : European Federation of Food Science and Technology
  • FISEC : European Food Students Association
  • Nicolas Appert : Organisation of Dutch students in Food Science and Technology

Food Companies in Wageningen and surroundings

The Food Companies in Wageningen are united in Wageningen Food Valley ; the following companies are members:

European Masters Degree in Food Studies - an Educational Journey is an initiative of Wageningen University, The Netherlands

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