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Welcome to the Food-Info site,

Our multilingual site will provide you background information about:

•  foods,

•  food components,

•  how foods are made (food production),

•  food ingredients,

•  E-numbers (additives),

•  food safety


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Topics such as recipes, diets, dietary habits or dietary needs, and animal nutrition will not be dealt with here !
Food, its way of production and food safety issues are our main expertise.

The mother language of site is English. We have tried to expand and provide our site in as many European languages as possible.

However, we are not always able to keep up with all the translations immediately. In this case, please have a look in the English part.

During the last years of the site's existence, we have received thousands of food-related questions from the public. Because of this large interest, we focused one part of our site on the most interesting questions, named “Questions and Answers”, where you can find several hundred questions about food with our answers and explanations.

If you would like to ask a new question yourself, click here or use the contact button on the menu above. Unfortunately, at this time, you can only write your question in either English, Dutch, Greek, Slovak, Spanish or Turkish.

The site is run by the Food Technology Department and a team of international students mainly from the MSc programmes in Food Technology and Food Safety at Wageningen University, the Netherlands, one of the leading universities in Food Science in the World. For several languages we co-operate with other well-known universities in several European countries as part of the ISEKI network.



European Masters Degree in Food Studies - an Educational Journey

Master in Food Safety Law is an initiative of Wageningen University, The Netherlands