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637 : Ethylmaltol

Produced from maltol (636), a natural compound commercially extracted from the bark of lark trees or roasted malt. Also by heating of lactose and maltose.

Function & Characteristics:
Flavour enhancer. It has a sweet flavour. It reduces the sugar needed in products. It also enhances the flavour of fruits, such as strawberry, pineapple, grape and raspberry.

Used in many products, mainly confectionary and bakery products.

Acceptable daily intake (ADI):
Up to 2 mg/kg bodyweight

Side effects:
None known

Dietary restrictions:
Maltol is generally produced from bark or malt. Sometimes lactose (from cow's milk) is used. It should thus be avoided by vegans. It does not contain lactose and can be used by lactose-intolerant people.





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