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E141: Copper complexes of chlorophyll

E141 (i) Copper phaeophytin
E141 (ii) Sodium or potassium salts of copper complexes of chlorophyllin

CI 75810

Synthetic copper complex of chlorophyll (E140), a natural green colour, which is present in all plants and algae. E141 is commercially extracted from nettles, grass and alfalfa. Due to chemical de-esterification of chlorophyll, phaeophytins are formed.

Function & characteristics:
Green food colour. E141 (i) is soluble in water, whereas E141 (ii) is soluble in oil.

Many products.

Daily intake:
Up to 15 mg/kg body weight.

Side effects:
No side effects are known. Copper is released when E141 is heated; however, copper concentrations from this compound will not reach toxic levels.

Dietary restrictions:
None; E141 can be consumed by all religious groups, vegans and vegetarians.


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