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If the label on a product says full cream milk, can it be made from milk powder?

Cream and other fatty milk products can be derived from milk and/or products obtained from milk by means of processes that result in almost total removal of water and non-fat solids, and the resulting product processed in order to get other desirable products. Additionally, the fat and/or protein content of the milk or cream may have been adjusted to comply with the compositional requirements established as standards by the addition and/or withdrawal of milk constituents in such a way as not to alter the ratio of the whey protein to casein of the milk.

Full cream milk powder is made from fresh full cream milk by a drying process and contains all nutrients of fresh milk. Drying is one of the best methods to preserve milk for future use. It is done by spray-drying or by roller-drying (drum-drying). The water content of full fat milk is decreased by evaporation to 50-65% of the original content. All milk components, i.e., proteins, lactose, minerals, and fat are retained in evaporated milk. It is then dispersed into minute droplets and these are passed through hot air in a drying tower. The droplets of evaporated milk turn into powder particles as the water present in the milk evaporates. The same process can be applied to skimmed milk to obtain skim milk powder.

Given that full cream milk powder is one form of full cream milk, a label that says full cream milk could mean that the product was made directly from full cream milk or full cream milk powder.

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