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What is washed or wet-processed coffee ?

This is coffee prepared by removing the skin and pulp from the bean while the coffee fruit is still moist. Most of the world's great coffees are processed by the wet method, which generally intensifies acidity. In the traditional wet process, the coffee skins are removed (pulping), the skinned beans are allowed to sit in tanks where enzymes loosen the sticky fruit pulp or mucilage (fermentation), after which the loosened fruit is washed off the beans (washing). In the more modern shortcut demucilage or aquapulp method, the pulp or mucilage is scrubbed from the beans by machine.

After the process a small layer is still present around the bean. When dried this is named the Parchment (pergamino). Coffee exported with the parchment is traded as parchment coffee. The parchment is removed prior to roasting in a milling step.


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