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What is the most expensive coffee ?

There are two candidates for the title of most expensive coffee :

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

Jamaican Blue Mountain designates estate-produced coffees grown at over 3,000 feet in the Blue Mountain district of Jamaica, most will be either Wallensford (best) or Silver Hill Estate Mountain . Jamaican High Mountain usually describes a somewhat lesser coffee than Blue Mountain, grown at lower altitudes in other parts of the island. The original Wallensford coffee from the 1980s was an understated masterpiece, a quintessentially classic coffee with enough of everything: rich flavour and aroma, full body and moderate acidity in perfect, subtle balance. Presently the Blue Mountain coffees retain the body and richness, but lack the acidity; they are smooth, well-bodied, moderately rich coffees, which still fetch very high prices.

The Jamaican situation has been complicated by the many people who, in one way or another, are attempting to profit from the extraordinary prices demanded for Blue Mountain . In particular, other plantation owners in the high mountains of Jamaica are trying to market a "Blue Mountain Style" coffee that has the taste characteristics of Blue Mountain, but may not contain a single bean of actual Blue Mountain .

Kopi Luwak.

Coffee from Sumatra, Indonesia, distinguished not by origin, but by the uniquely intimate way it is processed. A mammal called a luwak, or civet cat, eats ripe coffee cherries, digests the fruit, and excretes the seeds, after which the seeds or beans are gathered from its dry droppings. Kopi luwak is one of the most expensive coffees in the world due to obvious limitations on its production. Authorities differ on how much of the kopi luwak that arrives at coffee dealers is authentic and how much is ordinary coffee that has been "treated" in luwak manure.


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