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What are vitamin deficiency symptoms?

When the human body does not contain enough of a particular vitamin, deficiency symptoms can appear. Most of these symptoms disappear as soon as the deficiency is corrected but some deficiencies have long-term effects.



Deficiency symptoms


Night blindness, dry scaly skin, frequent fatigue


Heart irregularity, fatigue, nerve disorders, mental confusion.


Cracks in corners of mouth, skin rash, anaemia.

B3 (niacin):

Skin disorders, diarrhoea, indigestion, general fatigue.

B5 (panto-thenic acid):

Fatigue, vomiting, stomach stress, infections, muscle cramps.


Convulsions, dermatitis, muscular weakness, skin cracks, anaemia.

B8 (biotin):

Nausea, vomiting, depression, hair loss, dry, scaly skin.

B9 (folate):

Gastrointestinal disorders, anaemia, cracks on lips.


Anaemia, nervousness, fatigue, and, in some cases, neuritis and brain degeneration.


Swollen or bleeding gums, slow wound healing, fatigue, scurvy, depression, poor digestion.


In children: rickets and other bone deformities. In adults: calcium loss from bones.


Muscular wasting, nerve damage, reproductive failure, anaemia.


Bleeding disorders in newborn infants and people on blood-thinning medications.























































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