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Fish and shellfish

  • How does a salmon get its red colour?
  • What exactly is astaxanthin and why does it make salmon red?
  • Does fish oil contain cholesterol ?
  • Is it dangerous to combine salmon and spinach?
  • If I have a high level of cholesterol, can I eat shrimp, crabs, and other types of fish?
  • Are oysters often implicated in food poisoning?
  • I opened my refrigerator at night and the fish emitted light. How does this happen?
  • What foodborne pathogens and natural toxins are associated with seafood?
  • What is gravlax ?
  • What is hákarl?
  • What is surströmming?
  • What is Nuoc Mam or Nam Pla?
  • Do viruses survive in marinated mussels ?
  • What is the difference between sushi and sashimi ?

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