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Dairy Products

  • Can I freeze milk ?
  • What proteins are present in milk?
  • What is whey and whey powder?
  • If a label on a dairy product says UHT, does this mean the whole product or just the milk is treated?
  • If the label on a product says full cream milk, can it be made from milk powder?
  • When milk becomes acid, clumps are formed. By what means is this achieved?
  • What is butter?
  • How do I store butter ?
  • Why does butter taste differently during summer as during winter ?
  • What is yoghurt?
  • How do I store yoghurt ?
  • What is skyr?
  • Why is cheese yellow ?
  • What is buttermilk?
  • How do I keep buttermilk ?
  • What is sour cream?
  • Is it true that milk and dairy products contain contaminants, such as residues of veterinary medicine and bacteria such as Salmonella and Listeria?
  • What is Cheddar cheese made of and can you eat it when you are pregnant?
  • If you heat cheese in the oven, is there still a risk for Listeria infection?
  • Can I eat cheese fondue when I am pregnant?
  • What is 'active bifidus'?
  • What are the common symptoms of lactose intolerance/milk allergy?
  • Which foods should I avoid when I have lactose intolerance?
  • What is the difference in composition between cow's milk and goat milk ?
  • Why does goat milk taste differently from cow's milk ?
  • Can I use goat milk when I am intolerant to cow's milk ?

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