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  • What is the meaning of the term chocolate and the term cocoa? Where did they originate?
  • When was cocoa first made into chocolate?
  • What are dark, milk and white chocolate?
  • How is chocolate made?
  • What is conching?
  • Why is glucose syrup used in chocolate?
  • How do I melt chocolate ?
  • What determines the melting point of chocolate?
  • How do you make sugar-free chocolate?
  • How do you store chocolate and why does it get white during storage?
  • What types of polyphenols and what percentages are present in chocolate?
  • Does cocoa contain caffeine?
  • Is chocolate really an aphrodisiac?
  • Does chocolate cause acne?
  • What is the (physical and chemical) composition of cocoa beans, butter, mass and powder?
  • What is the fermentation of cocoa beans?
  • What is theobromine and what is its effect on human beings?
  • What is the difference between chocolate and cocoa fantasy?

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