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E452 Polyphosphates

E452(i) Sodium polyphosphate (formerly E450c(i))
E452(ii) Potassium polyphosphate (formerly E450c(ii))
E452(iii) Sodium calcium polyphosphate
E452(iv) Calcium polyphosphate (also 544)
E452(v) Ammonium polyphosphate (formerly E450c(i))

Salts of sodium/potassium/calcium/ammonium with phosphates. All are produced synthetically from the respective carbonates and phosphoric acid.

Function & characteristics:
Sequestrants (metal binders), stabiliser and emulsifiers. Also used to retain water during processing and storage.

Many different products.

Acceptable Daily Intake:
Up to 70 mg/kg bodyweight for all phosphate containing additives

Side effects:
None known when used in foods. High concentrations of phosphates may disturb several metabolic processes as phosphate plays an important role in general metabolism.

Dietary restrictions:
E452 can be consumed by all religious groups, vegans and vegetarians. is an initiative of Stichting Food-Info, The Netherlands

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