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E322 Lecithin

E322 (i) partially hydrolysed lecithin


The term lecithin refers to a group of compounds found in every living organism, as they are part of the cell wall of all cells. Lecithin is commercially isolated (mainly) from soybeans or egg yolk. The chemical composition of these two products (sources) is rather different, which determines the applications.

Function & characteristics:
Emulsifier and stabiliser of water-oil/fat mixtures. Used to soften chocolate.

Wide range of products.

Acceptable Daily Intake:
No limit

Side effects:
Lecithin is a normal component of body cells and will be degraded and used by the body without side effects.

Dietary restrictions:
Soy lecithin can normally be consumed by all religious groups, vegans and vegetarians. Egg lecithin should be avoided by vegans. It does not elicit allergic reactions in people who are allergic to soybeans or eggs.

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