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E312 Dodecyl gallate

Synthesised from lauryl alcohol and gallic acid, which is produced from plant tannins.

Function & characteristics:
Anti-oxidant in fatty products, especially added to prevent rancidity.

Oils and fats, margarine, soups, etc.

Acceptable Daily Intake:
Up to 0.05 mg/kg body weight.

Side effects:
It is degraded in the intestine to lauryl alcohol and gallic acid. Gallic acid can cause eczema, stomach problems and hyperactivity.

Dietary restrictions:
E312 can normally be consumed by all religious groups, vegans and vegetarians. However, there is the possibility that the lauric acid used for lauryl alcohol is obtained from animal fat, although the main source is vegetable fat. Use of animal (incl. pork) fat cannot be ruled out completely. It does not contain alcohol (ethanol).



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